My name is Denise, I'm forty four and never had any treatments before.  I work full time but also have my own makeup business and fully trained makeup artist.  As an ex-smoker I looked older than my age, no confidence to promote my makeup business...who would want to look at me, buy makeup of me?? I went for one treatment and the results are amazing, it inspired me to stop smoking.  I look so much younger and only one treatment.  My confidence has soared, I'm doing videos, posting selfies, my makeup business is flourishing.  I look in the mirror and smile, is this really me.  I'm looking after myself and can't not wait for the second treatment.  

Cathy, you are amazing, total respect, I have and do highly recommend you.  I now consider you a friend, thank you so much xx


I've been getting botox and fillers for the past 15 years from respected surgeries in both Australia and the UK.  In the UK, I've been to Harley St doctors where my botox was finished within a month or so! Since being recommended to Cathy I've not looked back and won't be going to anyone else. 

She is gentle and honest and won't do anything that will make you look ‘done’. She has down right refused to make my lips as large as I wanted them (much to my husband and friends relief) and in hindsight, to mine. 

She is so good I've given one of my girlfriends who was needing a botox top up and didn't trust anyone a trip to Cathy as a xmas gift. She now swears by Cathy and has finally found someone she can trust to do a wonderful and gently enhancing job. 

If you want to leave looking ‘refreshed’ and not ‘done’ Cathy is your lady! 



I am a 38 year old mother of 3 beautiful boys. I first met Cathy 7 years ago in a Clinic in Kilburn  for Botox treatment. I like her hands and the way she does the injection. She is very calm, hygienic changing needles often  during the treatment.

I exercise at least 5 days a week and I lost a lot of weight dropped three dress sizes. Even though I was happy with my body, my face looked very thin and scary and I hated it. Cathy suggested Sculptra and the results are amazing and very natural so does my lips. 

My Husband was so over the moon with my results that when I suggested to him that he should also have Botox done he didn't hesitate. Both my husband and I are over the moon with Cathy's treatments and her prices are very reasonable.



I’m writing a review about Cathy because she totally saved my skin and great face and skin really does make you feel good about yourself!

I got my first botox treatment two years ago and have been so pleased with the results. I started just to treat the line between the brows. Then I started adding a bit on my forehead. I absolutely love the way the injections smooth the line in my forehead. I would recommend Cathy injection botox to anyone who wants a pick me up.

I have been getting botox with Cathy over 2 years now and cannot recommend her more highly. She always gives me a great treatment and is incredibly friendly and caring to all of her clients. Her location is gorgeous and very comfortable.

Extremely highly recommend.



I have known Cathy for almost 8 years and have had several different beauty treatments with her over the years. I first met Cathy when I wanted Sculptra treatment and went to the beauty clinic where she happened to be working. At the time I was a heavy smoker and although we instantly had a great rapport with each other, she refused to do the treatment as she said I would be wasting my money as Sculptra would not work while I was smoking. The fact that she risked her job to be totally honest with me shows what a truly honest and professional person Cathy is.

Her commitment to give the customer her best and honest advice continued after she left this salon and began her own treatments.

She still insisted that she would only perform Sculptra if I was a non-smoker. I did stop and as I said have had several different treatments during these past years. Beauty treatments are expensive and you can be sure that if Cathy advises that a treatment you may want is, or is not, suitable for you, Cathy will be honest with you, even though she would be losing a client. Cathy takes great pride in her work, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her and speaking for myself, I would not use anyone else.